Divinely Created / Inspired in Thinking / Victorious  In Living / Assured of DestinyI

  The Destiny D.I.V.A.  

Empowering Authenticity for Personal and Professional Success 

If You Desire Help to Make Real, Transformational Change  Happen,

The Destiny D.I.V.A. can help you make it happen!


When you know that you are meant to be more and do more than you have settled for, Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson, The Destiny D.I.V.A. provides instruction, direction, and motivation to make it happen through training, coaching, and inspirational speaking that changes lives.

Getting the right speaker or training for your event or other forum is the key to success.  Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson, The Destiny D.I.V.A., empowers, educates, and equips individuals with the tools to pursue and achieve all that they are destined to be.  The Destiny D.I.V.A.s mission is to help individuals understand their DIVA promise and embrace that they are Divinely created, Inspired in thinking, Victorious in living, & Anointed for purpose for successful and joy-filled living, personally and professionally.

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Professional Development

The Destiny DIVA helps target organizations build successful business models to achieve strategic objectives by maximizing the competencies of organizational leaders.  She helps leaders understand their intrinsic drivers and build strong leadership competencies to ensure engaged staff and high performing teams.  She provides clients with customized leadership training and executive coaching as well as provide keynote presentations and motivational speaking for business training forums. 

Personal Development

The Destiny DIVA provides specific steps to identify self-defeating behaviors and mental blocks that keep individuals stuck in neutral, living a ‘less-than’ life.  She helps position her audiences to tap into their authentic best selves for purposeful, successful living through life impacting motivational speaking, community-based training, motivational speaking, keynote presentations, and personal coaching.

If you seek an innovative presenter to empower and inspire the audience for success, you need  Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson, The Destiny DIVA!  Be it a keynote presentation, a professional seminar, instructional lecture, or a panel discussion, Brenetia brings fun, humor, realism and practicality to every engagement. 

 The Destiny D.I.V.A. has been blessed to find her place of destined purpose and peace and is determined to use her gifts and abilities to make the world a better place one person and one organization at a time.  She empowers and inspires audiences across the country to embrace their authenticity and live their destiny, personally and professionally.  

Dr. Bre has successfully designed and presented training programs to all levels of corporate and non-profit employee populations from entry level to senior executives and has a proven record of success in transforming failing programs into programs of maximum efficiency.  She serves as a public speaker in conferences, retreats, and business forums as keynote speaker, seminar presenter, and workshop facilitator with great success and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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An Innovative Parental Handbook & A  Life-Changing

Handbook to Healing by Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson



A Landmark Guide to Help Parents Create Empowered Learners for Life-long Success!

Educational research consistently supports that children who master homework strategies, do better in school than children who don’t.  It is the influence of the parent or other parental / guardian figure in the home that determines how a child views the education process and how seriously they take the homework process.  A resource to help parents maneuver the path of helping children engage in school and maximize every learning opportunity would be an invaluable resource to laying a foundation of success.  This is true whether the child is in elementary, junior high, or high school.  The “Unleash Educational Excellence” Series is that resource!


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"Re-Energized &
 Ready to Soar!"

A Life-Changing Guide that Chronicles the Journey from Brokenness to EmPowered Purpose and Destiny!

This book outlines strategies to face the ghost of the past to embrace hope-filled purpose in conquering defeat of the human spirit.  It provides guidance and tactical instructions to release the trash bags of the past, address subconscious limitations, and embrace the glory of authentic living and purpose.  When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired and WANT to get out of the turbulence, the power to prosper and overcome is within you.  This book provides life changing strategies to step out of the box of mediocrity and self-imposed limitations into the awesome potential to live your best life now!

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Pre-Orders Accepted Now!