Divinely Created / Intended for Greatness / Victorious In Living / Assigned a Mission!

  The Destiny D.I.V.A.  

Empowering Authenticity for Personal and Professional Success 

Who Is The Destiny DIVA?

A professional trainer, experienced coach, and skilled HR professional, Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson (Dr. Bre), The Destiny D.I.V.A., is a stimulating catalyst for promoting vision for purpose and destiny.   She is passionate about helping people move past self-imposed limitations, mental blocks, and traumatic experiences to be the empowered, victorious, successful individuals they are meant to be.

As The Destiny D.I.V.A., she stands as a victorious overcomer who is Divinely created, Inspired in her thinking, Victorious in her living, & Anointed for purpose, and is committed to helping others find their purpose and destiny.  Brenetia provides her audiences with specific practical, transforming strategies to get immediate results to manifest change and promote long-term success, personally and professionally. 

  • Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson is a noted expert and organizational trainer in the areas of Leadership Education, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Conflict Resolution, and Team Building.
  • She is skilled in workplace motivation and laying the foundation for high performance teaming.
  • She is the author of “The Power Within: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired”, a guide to help individuals release limitation to embrace destiny.
  •  She is an inspirational power speaker for women's conferences, youth empowerment events, domestic/dating violence campaigns, and forums on destiny living.
  • She appears as an empowerment guru and emotional healing expert on Black in Business, FM Radio 104.1.
  • She has been honored as a member of the Who’s Who in Black Atlanta.
  • She has a MBA in Global Management and a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership.